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  • Exploring Portugal | Core Culture Enterprises LLC

    Exploring Portugal

    Sky Dives, Underwater Adventures, Exploring Beautiful Countries, & Experiencing Culture. This short-film vlog filmed and produced by Sacred Thomas has it all.
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  • Focus - A 30 day log using an all natural nootropic

    Focus - A 30 day log using an all natural nootropic

    With the endless streams of social media ads, Supplement Gurus, and Biohackers running rampant online it is an arduous task to separate facts from fictions and the winners from losers when looking for that next “it” factor. Especially when looking for an edge in life, like the “right now” kind. When that deadline is hanging over your head, or you have a lousy night of sleep the evening before a big meeting you need something you can rely on and that works with precision. This series will highlight Brain Box from Core Culture and detail dosing, stacking, and potential uses ( daily, situational, etc…) and how it can potentially help solve some of the challenges of life mentioned above.
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  • Taking flight with Brain Box | Core Culture Enterprises LLC

    Taking flight with Brain Box

    Facing fears of heights and trying new things! TK with the Core Culture™ media team meets up with Team U.S.A Paramotor competitor and Texas Paramotor Instructor, Ryan Glowka for a first flight spin off the gulf coast. Support this channel by checking out Brain Box Focus, Memory, Mood, & Nootropic: IG : @texasparamotortraining @we.are.core.culture Facebook: Ryan Glowka - Texas Paramotor Training Tiktok: Core.Culture
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  • Ryan Glowka | Core Culture Enterprises LLC

    Ryan Glowka

    Core Culture™ team paramotor athlete, instructor, and content creator - Ryan Glowka
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  • Kyla Ellis | Core Culture Enterprises LLC

    Kyla Ellis

    Personal Trainer, Public Speaker, Womens empowerment advocate and Core Culture™ ambassador  - Kyla Ellis
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  • Fielding Shredder | Core Culture Enterprises LLC

    Fielding Shredder

    Core Culture™ Team Netflix star, Drift car racer, content creator and brand ambassador Fielding Shredder. 
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