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What is the difference between natural caffeine and un-natural caffeine?

12 October, 12:00

Why Natural Caffeine from innovatea™ over anhydrous?

Published by Mike Ulisse in Culture Cru

Caffeine is the most used psychoactive substance in the world. There are estimates that 1.4 billion cups of coffee alone are consumed everyday and that does not even include tea, energy drinks, or other forms.

“Get Up and Go” Fuel.

Its apparent caffeine means a lot to the daily life of human civilization. It's practically magical effects are more than likely why it has grown to one of the largest trades in the world.

From food sources of caffeine like coffee, tea, and chocolate you can expect trace amounts of anything that food source has been exposed to, and potentially synthetic forms of caffeine used to boost its profile or give a consumer that extra kick. The trace minerals, pesticides, heavy metals and even the amount of polyphenols (anti-oxidants) can vary greatly. So, considering where your caffeine is sourced is the next level move for anyone really trying to up their brain game and overall wellness.

Most energy drink products use a synthetic form of caffeine known as Caffeine Anhydrous.

— Mike Ulisse

Synthetic Forms of Caffeine

Most energy drink products use a synthetic form of caffeine known as Caffeine Anhydrous. This is a manufactured form and can be extracted from coffee grounds, seeds and or by-products, and has no real set standard. It can be high quality or low quality and only companies who test their sources regularly and manufacturers out of high quality facilities have that knowledge. Luckily, extraction tends to lower or remove most unwanted ingredients, but there is still a large issue of traceability and consistency in the potential end product.


In order to avoid a lot of the mentioned issues and get straight to the good stuff, (the energy and focus) Core Culture uses InnovaTea® sourced caffeine. This is a 98% pure caffeine sourced directly from tea leaves. While the caffeine is structurally the same InnovaTea® can be traced at an analytical level to ensure potency and purity in every batch. It's simply the cleanest option that can be relied on for its consistency and sustainability rooted tea leaf sourcing..

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