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Author Myke Elevated / Category: Health & Wellness / Published: Jan, 6 2022

It's really not that complicated.


What If I told you that one of the most powerful ways to improve energy, lose weight, increase focus, is to do absolutely nothing? - That sounds crazy! Yet in recent times many of the most sought researchers in Health and Wellness are reviewing and conducting experiments where things like caloric restriction, time restricted eating, and or alternate day fasting are proving to be valuable tools to put the body back into homeostasis or a special state where the body can heal itself or reset from the burdens of stress or over-consumption.




Now, “nothing” might be a misleading because you can still exercise, should definitely consume plenty of water and potentially take some form of supplements, but instead of the 1000 calorie double shot Frappacinos for breakfast, a cup of black coffee and avoidance of the FOOD channel might as low effort as it gets. A little more productivity out of your morning and afternoon routine is the bonus for not turning on the toaster or stove. Fasting can be tough, we are designed to eat and drink aplenty. With endless food options it can also be tricky to avoid if your willpower is down to the ground, but lets explore this idea a bit more.


First a little more detail on Time Restricted Eating, some of the popular protocols would be the 16:8, 20:4, or even alternate day fasting where you skip food one day and eat normal the next. The numbers basically mean 16 hours of fasting with an 8 hour window of eating. Same goes for 20 hours of fasting with 4 hour windows of eating. The idea is that you consolidate all your meals into those windows and allow your body to digest, breakdown foods, and potentially achieve some level of self healing (autophagy) during the fasting zone.

Other Things to keep in mind

The sleeping hours count towards the fasting time so an example schedule would be the first meal at 12pm with a last meal or snack by 8pm. Then from 8:01p until 11:59a the next day you are in the fasted state only consuming no calorie beverages ( a squeeze of lemon or lime doesn't hurt.) So no creamer in your coffee! This lifestyle diet is supposed to mimic caloric restriction where some ppl only eat very low calories everyday for longevity purposes, but in an achievable format. 90% of the results with much less effort than starving yourself.


Tip: Take your preferred dose of Brain Box and just let the day melt into a racecar like acceleration to the afternoon. Before you know it you will be at the afternoon meal time, and ready to break the fast, fueled off your natural hunger. Killer way to start the day I’d say.

5 days on 2 days off

To further the protocol you can run this 5 days on and 2 days off. So, let's say M-F you do the time restricted eating protocol, and then on the weekends (days off) you can sit down with the family or go out with friends for breakfast and enjoy the delicatesses your normally would. It's important to choose routines that you can integrate into your life and maintain. Same goes for any fitness or supplement regimen. The routine you can create and stick to is the best routine to choose if you find you are failing regularly trying all the newest fads. The key foundation to a successful day is to have energy and willpower to accomplish all your goals, but not be so jacked up on stims that you can turn into a multitasking nightmare.



Now of course you should consult your physician and DYOR a bit before jumping into anything extreme, but experimenting with which protocol suits your day or lifestyle best is a reasonable task anyone can try on a off day or or a busy day at work where you werent going to get to ebay anyway.. Also, playing around with Brain Box and its host of adaptogens and cognitive enhancers is a great experience replacing coffee or energy drinks. Personally, adding decaf coffee to Brain Box is an A+ way to get the health benefits of coffee without the excessive caffeine by double stacking. With ingredients like Lion’s Mane, Ashwagandha and L-Theanine it's an easy upgrade to anyone looking to step their game up along with any of the time restricted eating protocols.

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