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Why do people take L-Theanine?

20 Oct, 9:45

Why L-Theanine?

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Whether it’s the morning wake up call, a dreary day, or a need for a quick shot of adrenaline everyone's focus is usually on stimulants like coffee and energy drinks to get up to speed. It's easy to overlook some of the novel non-stimulant ingredients and products out there in lieu of another shot of “get up and go” to get into that flow state of productivity.  


“Often Overlooked"

One of those novel ingredients that has been overlooked by many is called L-Theanine. It’s naturally occurring in tea, more so in white and green tea options, and is responsible for some of the profound health benefits associated with regular tea consumption and the touted overall wellness. Things like the popular Matcha green tea are specifically grown in shaded conditions to harness a higher yield of L-theanine and antioxidants in place of higher caffeine levels. Black Tea is actually left out in the sun after being picked to do the opposite, boasting its higher caffeine levels in place of less theanine and antioxidants for example.

The more calm and sustained energy of green tea versus black tea is nature’s push and pull, yin and yang, so to speak for energizing the body without overstimulating the mind.

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Synthetic Forms of Caffeine

The more calm and sustained energy of green tea versus black tea is nature’s push and pull, yin and yang, so to speak for energizing the body without overstimulating the mind. Not all teas are created equal though and it's why something like Matcha green tea can fetch a heftier price than normal store bought tea bags. There are even grades assigned to Matcha from culinary to ceremonial, that are “steeped” in great tradition in places like Japan, and now finding their way into Western Culture.  

Coffee as one can imagine has plenty of caffeine and antioxidants, but does not contain L-theanine naturally and thus is the top food sourced stimulant beverage. It's “all go and no chill” can build up a tolerance in some people over time leading to needing more and more to get the focus and energy being demanded from those barista inspired beverages. Crashes from energy drinks and pre workouts are usually managed just to get short bursts of energy, quickly needing more to try and get back to baseline or suffer the prolonged crash associated with overuse.

Brain Box is formulated with Suntheanine®

Suntheanine® is a patented source of L-Theanine sourced from tea leaves and has been studied to help with keeping the body and mind in a relaxed yet alert state without overstimulation. Suntheanine® by itself has been associated with reduced rise in blood pressure from stress, improved sleep, and even immune benefits. It's an excellent option for those who are searching for calming, wellness and or improved sleep.

Suntheanine®, being a non-stimulant, actually offers a profound synergistic effect when combined with caffeine from natural sources like powder, coffee, and or other stimulants. An orchestrated yin and yang maneuver for those looking to take advantage of modern science that mirrors mother nature. Suntheanine® was recognized as being GRAS approved in 2007, meaning “generally recognized as safe” as a food or beverage additive, and attests to its high quality and purity of manufacture.

Brain Box from Core Culture offers Suntheanine® together with InnovaTea® caffeine (both naturally sourced from tea leaves) to give the best of both worlds naturally. An energized feeling with calm focus that provides clarity and a foundation of energy that does not cause a crash or jitters. Caffeine and L-Theanine is a curated experience that already has some studies boosting reaction time, focus, and memory recall. Perfect for those on the move, or that need attention to detail while having to potentially sit for long periods of time, or just want to maximize their senses and performance outdoors or at the gym. Brain Box also offers other innovative cognitive enhancers and adaptogenic herbs in the mix that work with Suntheanine® to make the most of the day. Harnessing that productive energy to thrive in even the most demanding situations is essential to staying in flowstate, and takes a novel approach beyond any normal energy or focus product.

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